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Our Strategy

Smart Painting provides a plethora of both residential and commercial painting services to tackle any and every job you can bring to us. In addition to our extensive list of available services, we bring an exceptionally respectable list of certifications and qualifications to back up the high level of quality and expertise we guarantee on every project. We employ a wide variety of paint experts that specialize in many types of painting projects so we can provide you with only the best and most specialized productions Indiana has to offer.  

While we hand pick only the most talented professionals in the field to come work with us, we only allow them to work on the interior of houses after we’ve had them working with us for a whole year. We do this as part of our effort to provide you with a sense of trust in our interior painters, and because interior projects require a more delicate and refined touch that we only trust our long-standing painters with. Our interior experts, in addition to bringing their own unique talents to the job, are trained to bring remarkably insightful design advice to your production, allowing you to find just the right color, texture, and finish for your home or business.

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